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A dedicated site for Civil Services Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ?
A. It is a website which offers online testing of practice papers for general studies exam on the pattern of civil services preliminary general study and CSAT examination. These online mock tests are suitable for all Indian exams having a paper on General study such as UPSC civil Services Preliminary Exam, Indian Engineering Service Exam, Indian Forest Service Exam, State Public Service Commission etc.

Q. What subjects does it cover?
A. The site has GS for Prelims exam and the newly introduced Civil Services Aptitude Test for Civil Services Prelims Exam 2011.

Q. I am from Arts back ground and I face difficulty in tackling questions on general mental ability. Now with the introduction of Civil Services Aptitude Test (Paper II) what chances do I stand in CS Prelims Exam?
A. "There is always hope." As long as you are willing to learn GMA and the associated questions on high school level mathmatics, You can do it. The CSAT paper will be a mix of comprehension testing the ability to grasp the meaning of the paragraph and drawing conclusion from it. Numerical ability, simple algebric equations, routine questions on time, distance, work done, simple interest, compound interest, statistics, reading graphs and charts, logical reasoning, set theroy, permutation and combination and of course the most dicy topic "Probability". The test series will cover all these topics and provide detailed explanation to all the questions. It is as good as detailed study notes or a good class room coaching.

Q. I have been relying on the strength of my optional paper and hardly bothered for GS paper. How this changed scenario will affect the prospects of qualifying prelims exam?
A. The situation will be a little bit challenging for Arts graduates because too much of mathmatical type of questions is disadvantageous to them. Neverrtheless systematic practice can take care of it. Further, with optional subject being no more there is no choice but to learn it.

Q. How will I gain from this site?
A. As this site offers online test based on the pattern of general study paper of Civil services examination, You get the real exposure to Civil services Preliminary General Study Exam.

Q. But such practise papers are available in all the competitive exam magazines?
A. Yes, it is available. But what is lacking is the real time test environment. At leisure you can study anything but how do you get the exposure to a real time exam. How many times you have noticed in your school exams that you tend to forget small things or are not able to recall what you had studied very well at home. All this is actually because of lack of practise. Practise is actually the key to success. Your level of practise should be such that you are able to take the exam anytime. There should be no fear or nervousness while entering the examination hall. This is only possible by rigorous practice. Practice.. practice and more practice.

Q. I am preparing only for State Public Services commission Examinations. Is it useful for me?
A. Yes! It is very much useful as the content of General Study Exam is by and large same for all the State Public Services commission Examinations.

Q. How many times can I take a test?
A. You can take the tests any number of time.

Q. Can I save the test on my computer so that I can take the tests even when Internet connectivity is not available?
A. Yes you can save it on your computer.

Q. How do I know whether I have scored correctly or not?
A. The result is displayed as soon as you complete the model paper and submit the paper by clicking the submit button.

Q. Do you give only answer key or detailed explanation to the questions?
A. Detailed solution is provided to all the Paper I and II tests.

Q. How many Questions can I find in the exam from these tests
A. The past five years experience of has shown that directly or indirectly 60-70 Questions can be easily tackled with the help of these tests. Moreover, the key to success in Prelims Exam is the ability to develop the intution for the correct answer out of the four choices. With wide study and a lot of practice you can easily use the technique of elimination and arrive to the correct answer.

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